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2-Pack Assorted 2oz BluntEffects Air Freshener Sprays

2-Pack Assorted 2oz BluntEffects Air Freshener Sprays

UPC: 78633001060

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Let us choose the scents for you!

Quantity: 2 Bottles

BluntEffects Spray is a 100% concentrated, oil-based scented spray. Just one or two sprays will fill any space with your favorite scent. These sprays are bottled in the USA.

In this assorted pack of 2 bottles, you will receive different scents - no two scents will be the same! If you order several 2-Packs, we'll do our best to make sure all your scents are different but you may receive duplicates based on scent availability.

*Please note that we cannot take scent requests on assorted packs. Assorted packs are prepared ahead of time in batches with randomly-selected scents to save time on fulfillment. We pass those savings along to you! If there are specific scents you would like, we've made it easy to type them into the WeIncense Search bar at the top of the page and purchase them individually.

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