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Assorted & Sampler Sets

Find your next favorite scents with assorted and sampler sets.

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Blunt Power Sprays

All scents are now available in singles, 4-Packs and 6-Packs!

A huge selection of the best spray fragrances on the market. Great for spraying or use in oil burners. Use it to relax, get going, and cover up odors. Great for home, cars, or anywhere you are.

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Blunteffects 1oz Sprays

BluntEffects Spray is a 100% concentrated, oil-based scented spray. Just one or two sprays will fill any space with your favorite scent. These sprays are bottled in the USA.
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BluntLife 1oz Sprays

BluntLife Air Fresheners are made in the USA. Just a spray or two is all it takes to fill your favorite space with your favorite scent and provide hours of odor elimination. Oil-based sprays should be sprayed in the air, not applied directly to fabrics or upholstery.
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Scent Bomb 1oz Sprays

Scent Bomb Sprays are made with 100% pure fragrance oils and are 100% free of enhancers and alcohols. The scents from these potent sprays can last for days. The non-aerosol, durable glass spray bottles help keep your scents fresh and are easier on the environment.
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Scent Max 1oz Sprays

Scent Max extra strong, concentrated sprays will mask most tough odors. Just a few sprays will be enough in your favorite space.
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Blunt Black 1oz Sprays

Blunt Black sprays are made by MDPH, a leading maker of incense and incense-related products in India. Blunt Black sprays are concentrated, oil-based sprays formulated to cover up odors and to fill your favorite space with beautiful, expertly-crafted aromas. MDPH products are animal cruelty-free and child labor-free.
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Re-Fresh 4oz Pump Sprays

Made in the USA, Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator is a professional strength odor eliminator formulated to quickly and effectively remove odors in seconds. Contains a patented odor neutralizer that eliminates odors so the odors don't ever come back. Around 750 sprays in every can!
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Aerosol Sprays

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Blunteffects 70ml Odor Eliminators

Odor Eliminating Air-Fresheners are infused with odor-fighting properties and quality fragrance. Eliminate strong unwanted odors and refresh your space. These sprays are bottled in the USA.
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Touch 50ml Odor Remover Sprays

Touch brand Smoke Odor Remover air freshener sprays are alcohol-based, long-lasting sprays that get rid of stubborn, airborne odors.

Rocket Scent 1oz Sprays

Rocket Scent Air Fresheners are concentrated for maximum results. These 100 percent oil-based sprays come in long-lasting and stimulating aromas that will last for days. One or two sprays will keep your car or home smelling good and create an inviting atmosphere.
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Aromar & Oopsie Poopsie Sprays