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19" BluntLife Jumbo Incense, Display Case of 24

19" BluntLife Jumbo Incense, Display Case of 24

UPC: 097868127390

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Quantity: 24 Incense Packs

These hand-dipped incense sticks burn for around 2+ hours to fill any space with your favorite scent. BluntLife jumbo incense sticks are 19" long and are best used with an 18" or bigger incense burner or one that will hold your new incense vertically.

BluntLife hand-dips these strong, perfumed incense sticks in the USA. With a wide variety of scents and over 20 years experience in the fragrance industry, this popular brand has a scent for everyone.

These display cases come assorted from the manufacturer. In most cases, there is generally one pack each of 24 different scents but, sometimes there are 2 or more of some scents. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the number or mix of different scents in these cases.

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