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4-Pack Assorted Blunt Power 17" Incense Sticks

4-Pack Assorted Blunt Power 17" Incense Sticks

UPC: 759514041503

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Quantity: Four randomly-selected 17" incense packs, 5-7 sticks each

Blunt Power Fresh Incense Sticks are long 17" sticks that burn up to 2 hours, much longer than shorter sticks. These are best used with incense holders that are 16" or longer or holders that will hold your new incense vertically.

*Please note that we cannot take scent requests on assorted packs. Assorted packs are prepared ahead of time in batches with randomly-selected scents to save time on fulfillment. We pass those savings along to you! If there are specific scents you would like, we've made it easy to type them into the WeIncense Search bar at the top of the page and purchase them individually.

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