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Blunt Power

4-Pack: Blunt Power Spray 1.5 OZ Hip Hop Breeze Scent

4-Pack: Blunt Power Spray 1.5 OZ Hip Hop Breeze Scent

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These 4-Packs are the best deal online.

Cool, crisp, and spicy describe Hip Hop Breeze perfectly. A hint of lemon, cinnamon, Kentucky sweetgrass and orange all blend together into an incredibly unique scent that will turn heads.

Hip Hop Breeze is perfect for the car, for chilling with friends, and for going out for the night.

Blunt Power Air Freshener sprays are high quality, oil-based and highly concentrated. Sprays of these premium scents really do last for days. They come in an easy-travel spray bottle, are oil-based to use in oil warmers at home, and they are so concentrated and aromatic that they're perfect for transforming a room and covering up unwanted odors.

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