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Blunt Power Incense Rose

Rose Scent Blunt Power 17" Incense Sticks, 5-7 Sticks

UPC: 759514040605

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Rose is a beautiful scent that truly brings the garden into your life. Fused with hints of violet and geraniums, Rose will take you on a leisurely stroll through a quiet garden when you need it most. We also like to think of it as someone giving us flowers every day.

Rose is great for relaxing at home, while soaking in the tub and can be a great soothing companion in your favorite place at home after a long day.

Blunt Power Fresh Incense Sticks are long 17" sticks that burn up to 2 hours, much longer than shorter sticks. These are best used with incense holders that are 16" or longer or holders that will hold your new incense vertically.

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