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Blunteffects Burning Oil Coconut

BluntEffects Burning Oil - 0.5OZ - Coconut Scent

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Coconut is a fresh, milky coco blend with a creamy floral note. Let this relaxing scent take you to the Islands!

BluntEffects Scented Burning Oils take many of your favorite BluntEffects scents and bring them to your favorite aroma burner or oil warmer.

For more powerful aromas, pour the Burning Oil directly into your burner/warmer. For milder aromas, mix the Burning Oils with a carrier oil (almond, coconut, mineral, or other) and pour the mixture into your burner/warmer. They can also be added in small amounts to unscented candles or diluted in water to spray. Oil-based scents should not be used directly on fabric/upholstery or other delicate materials.

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