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Clean Cotton Scent Bomb Organic Air Freshener Scent Can

Clean Cotton Scent Bomb Organic Air Freshener Scent Can

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Clean Cotton Scent evokes the scents of crisp, billowing breezes carry refreshing notes of newly cleaned linens. Smells just like clean laundry.

The Scent Bomb scent can is a great one-time solution for lasting fragrance. Just pop the top and leave the can. Scent cans are made in the USA using quality oils and recyclable packaging. Scent cans can last for up to 60 days. Fragrance strength can be adjusted using the black adjustable cap on the top of the can. To extend the fragrance life of your can, you can rotate the fiber boards inside the can as the fragrance strength subsides.

Scent Bomb scent cans are perfect for cars & trucks, homes, lockers and more.



As with most air freshener products, always keep out of reach of children and pets. The oils in these products can stain and leave residue on many surfaces. Please use caution and use as directed.



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