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Hari Darshan

Copal & Palo Santo Incense, by Hari Darshan

Copal & Palo Santo Incense, by Hari Darshan

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An aromatic aroma blend of sweet, calming copal with the woody, cleansing aromas of palo santo .

Hari Darshan flora incense are handcrafted in India since 1970 using ethical, eco-friendly, and child labor-free methods.

Copal Resin has been used in many indigenous cultures throughout Mexico and Central and South American for thousands of years. It is traditionally used in ceremony for energetic protection, prayer, offering, cleansing and purification, and transmuting negative energy into positive, creative energy. Today it's wonderfully calming, soothing scent is used for many other purposes, including smudging, aiding in deeper meditation, and assisting positive intentions into reality.

Quantity: 15-Stick Packs

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