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Vanilla Scent TOUCH Glass Reed Diffuser, 120ml

Vanilla Scent TOUCH Glass Reed Diffuser, 120ml

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The classic and smooth aroma of vanilla.

Great for any space in your life, especially bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, closets (away from clothing), and lockers.

  • Diffuser may last up to 45 days depending on location, use and environment
  • The thick, decorative glass bottles are around 4" tall
  • Contents: 120ml / 4.06 fl oz and around 4 reed sticks

Unscrew cap & remove plastic stopper. Securely twist cap back onto bottle. Place reed stick(s) in the bottle. Place in your desired space and enjoy. Use 1 stick for small spaces or less fragrance, and use more sticks for bigger spaces or more fragrance.

Glass bottle may fall & shatter if not placed on a secure surface. Contents may damage surfaces if spilled. Not recommended for moving vehicles or unstable surfaces. Avoid letting the contents directly contact fabric, leather, vinyl, wood or any other finished surfaces to avoid staining.

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